Life Stories Students Teach Elementary School Workshop

On Feb 18th, Life Stories students put their skills to test by conducting a workshop for a group of 30 5th-7th grade students from the OASIS Vacation Camp program.  Bringing professionalism, poise, and maturity, the Life Stories Youth Ensemble planned and rehearsed an improvisation workshop, composed of their favorite improv games and acting exercises.  Each student selected a game that they wanted to teach and refined the best way to introduce the game. Best part about it, Life Stories Youth Ensemble was paid $500 for their workshop!  Who says acting doesn’t pay 😉  Stay tuned to see how the Ensemble chooses to spend their money.

Life Stories Youth Ensemble Workshop Set List: 

  1. 10, 9, 8 Shake-down (Isaiah)
  2. Nickname & Movement (Shekeyva)
  3. Stretching (Devontae)
  4. 1-20 Counting, in 3 groups of 15 (Josh)
  5. Human Knot (who is doing this?)
  6. Toe Partner (Cyndia and Taylor)
  7. HUT! (Larone)
  8. Australian Football (Maxine)
  9. Word Association (Chris)
  10. Song circle (Petra)