M258 Photography/Visual Arts

Student 1 -258

Erika Kapin, teaching artist for M258, is integrating her photography skills with the school’s art teacher Mr. Strauss. The two art teachers have been able to combine their expertise in the arts by creating high quality art projects.

Using the photo portraits from project one, student created texts exploring identity, images photographed by students at http://samedayessays.org/admission-essay/, images cut from books and magazines, and drawing/painting, students create an identity self portrait collage.  In their pieces they are encouraged to explore concepts such as: ‘how do I see myself’, ‘how does the world see me’, ‘what are my hobbies’, ‘where is my family from’.

Students practice deeper thinking and self examination and develop tools to express themselves in creative ways.  Students are exposed to a number of new and interesting artists to take inspiration from. Students assignment writer and reading skills through the poem and informational texts.  Students gain experience in mixed media collage work and with further advanced hand eye coordination and drawing skills. Students walk away with a personal piece of artwork they are proud of and a stronger self confidence and ability to express themselves