Math and Art Integration Pilot Program at MS 258 Community Action School

As part of the Expanded Learning Time pilot program at MS 258 Community Action School, teaching artist Brendan Boland has been partnering with Ms. Dyer, the school’s math teacher, to lead a math and art integration program.  Students participate in the program as part of the school’s “Saturday School” academic enrichment program.  Brendan and Ms. Dyer’s program uses the arts to help students understand math concepts in new ways.


The group has been focusing on topics related to measurement, graphing, coordinates, positive and negative numbers, scale and proportion.  Their current project involves students using a grid to help them create their own drawing by enlarging an image by surrealist Paul Klee.  Students will then create an even larger version of the image by drawing and painting on pieces of canvas which will be assembled like a puzzle.  The group also plans to shoot a video documenting how their painting comes together.


“We’ve been working on grids.  We have to measure out the grid to make our drawing.  It’s kind of hard to make sure things are not too big or too small.  It’s a fun way to learn math and art at the same time.” – Heaven, 6th Grade

“We are working on “Sinbad the Sailor” by Paul Klee.  We’re learning how to find the coordinates, which relates to math, and how to draw carefully, which relates to art.  My favortie part was drawing the fish and the sailor and looking at all the details.  I like learning art and math together because it helps us learn math better.  I think this project is really fun.” – Iyanatu, 6th Grade