Media Lab Screens Typecast at the Third Annual Health Fair!

On March 17th, Media Lab Students Martin Collado and Joshua Diaz traveled to The Bushwick School for Social Justice to present “Typecast” during the Third Annual Health Fair 2011. The fair gathered health organizations from across the city to speak out on various medical issues from HIV prevention, (Make the Road NY) to asthma, obesity and teen development, (Wyckoff Hospital) to birth control and relationship counseling (NYC Department of Health).

After presenting the documentary, Martin observed and took notes on Joshua’s moving presentation, warning students about the health risks of eating the ‘easy’ foods and what they can do to prevent having health issues. Bushwick has the highest concentration of citizens with type 2 diabetes, the highest mortality rate of people with type 2 diabetes. Joshua opened up about the availability of healthy foods and gave students tips on how to stay active, even while living in a borough with the 2nd lowest amount of park space and as a result, one of the unhealthiest populations in the city.

After the Q&A session with Joshua, the students were asked to come up with their own call to action and make health pledges to keep themselves and their families healthy and in shape, some of which included:

My personal call to action is to eat healthy and run 3 times a day.

My personal call to action is to warn my family about the dangers of diabetes and what to do if they need help.

My personal call to action is to tell my dad to eat good food because he has diabetes and to tell people about it and work out.

Afterwards, Joshua received a certificate for participating in the health fair and getting the word out on the risks of diabetes.

Stay tuned for more news as “Typecast” continues to make waves in the health and documentary film worlds!