Meet Lauren Silver, an Everyday Arts for Special Education Intern

Meet Lauren Silver!

I hail from Marin County, across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. Growing up in a space filled with so much natural beauty has imbued me with a passion for spending time in nature; I love to hike, backpack, and explore! I am a rising Junior at Scripps College in Southern California, studying anthropology and politics. Academically, I am most interested in structural inequality, the historical processes that have led us to these modern formations of injustice, and meaningful change initiatives – partly why I was so drawn to the innovative arts-in-education programming at UAP!

What attracted you to EASE?
I was especially drawn to Everyday Arts for Special Education because it marries so much that I am passionate about. In high school, I spent my summers volunteering at a school for students with autism, and throughout my life have had an affinity with special-needs populations. At the same time, I was excited about the opportunity to explore communications in a non-profit setting as a future career avenue.

What have you been enjoying doing so far?
It’s been so rewarding to see all the nuances that go into running the program. I have most enjoyed planning different aspects of our Los Angeles and New York summer institutes, and I am excited to put together the guidebook for the NY summer institute (and refresh my Adobe skills!) Also, nbso online casino reviews everyday, I enjoy being in the UAP space, it is at once professional and creative, with many things going on at once which always keeps things exciting!

What is your most memorable experience so far?
Early one Monday morning I accompanied Lauren to an EASE site in Staten Island. I got to see two EASE activities in action – kinesthetic storytelling and go & stop. I saw how diverse the populations we are serving are, which is why the EASE methodology is so powerful: it truly offers multiple entry points to engagement to so many different kinds of students. It was wonderful to put the office-work I am doing in such a grounded context. The details and planning we focus on cultivates into such a beautiful process in the classroom!

What are you looking forward to accomplishing or learning here at UAP with EASE?
I’m so excited for our summer institute in August – it is special to open up EASE methodology to the wider community. I am excited to keep learning the multi-faceted nature of running EASE. Everyday I am in awe of Lauren, Sita, and Stefanie, for managing so many moving parts at once, and doing it with a great sense of humor and grace. I am excited to continue to grow, learn, and support EASE!