Meet the Filmmaker: Christina Guerra

Name: Christina Guerra
Age: 17
School: Facing History
Role: I had different roles in this production, but I mostly did editing.
Where did you grow up?: Washington Heights
How is living in the Heights?: It’s hard because I don’t relate to the people that live in our neighborhood. Most people see the people in that neighborhood as ghetto; they think they don’t do anything with their lives.
What is your experience with the word ghetto?: I’ve never really had an experience with the word ghetto, and I’ve never been called “ghetto.”
How did it feel to be a part of this film?: It was a humbling and bright experience for me. It felt good to bring awareness to teens who throw the word around, not even knowing its background.
What was the best part of making the film?: I liked learning how to edit and how to be a director.
Who is your idol?: I look up to myself!