Meet the Filmmaker: Nicholas Mendez

Story by Robert Matos, Editor, Ghetto Talks II

Photograph by Daniel Familia

Name: Nicholas Mendez
Grade: Graduating Senior
School: The Facing History School
Role: Producer, Interviewee
What is your experience with the word ghetto?: It’s been said that I grew up in the ghetto for 17 years, and the African-American side of my family considers themselves to be “ghetto”.
Have you ever referred to anybody as “ghetto”?: I refer to many people as “ghetto”.  I label you as I see you. If I see you in a negative light then I will refer to you as such.
How do you feel about the word?: I feel it’s a mindset, but you don’t have to give it a negative connotation. You can come from an underprivileged neighborhood, but it’s what you do with your experience that matters.