Mural Arts Program Raises Tutoring Program Attendance at MSAP

Last year, the tutoring program at the Middle School for Arts and Philosophy (MSAP) suffered severely from poor attendance, so Urban Arts Program Manager Katrena Perou and Teaching Artist Tatyana decided to try something new. In order for students to take part in Urban Arts activities, they first had to attend their tutoring program. Teaching Artists met with the school tutors prior to the start of the program and aligned their projects with the tutor curriculum. The result? Sky-high attendance for the MSAP tutoring program and two new school murals!

During their tutoring sessions, 7th graders examined the statistics of domestic violence and bullying in their communities. They continued their conversation on violence during Tatyana’s Mural Arts program, where they decided to place the word “Love” over “Hate” to represent the statement “Love conquers hate.”

8th graders enrolled in the tutoring program looked at the statistics of students of color who go to college. They had discussions and wrote essays exploring why students may drop out or not go at all. For this mural, they chose the image and statement as a way to inspire their fellow students to make college a priority.