New Design Album Covers

Students in the NDHS photography program, riffing off their last semester in music and using the classic Bluenote motif as inspiration, created album covers. Working with the concept of alter ego, and who they would incarnate as a musician, they took photos, edited them and used photoshop to create a representative photo cover.

See some examples here! Below you can read an example of what the students wrote to explain their alter ego musician. At the very bottom is a photogrid of each album cover created in the program– click in to view it larger!

JULES: I’m a singer and my name is Ciel. My album would sometimes be fast and sometimes be slow. The genre is half techno and half country. My lyrics would be about life, like heartbreak. Mostly teens and young adult girls would listen to my music. Nobody hates my music. I am in between underground and world famous. My favorite city to tour is Manhattan. I also tour with a lot of famous people like Selena Gomez.