MediaLab is an advanced media production program for high school students to become youth leaders and produce high-quality film, animation, and digital projects addressing social causes of their choosing.

Academy Summer Institute 2014 kicks off!

Our 2014 Academy Summer Institute kicked off last week to start a 4 week artistic intensive program. High School students from throughout New York City come the Academy at Urban Arts Partnership during the month of July to push their […]

Media Mash Up Week!

What is “spring break”?  At The Academy, there is never such thing as a break as our students continue to put in that extra work to hone and refine their crafts. Yes, the commitment is extremely real. April 14th through the 18th saw […]

Photo of the Week – November 21, 2012

Artistic Board Chair Rosie Perez with Academy students William Herasme and Ashley Allen at the LatinoJustice Gala.  During a four-week summer intensive, our Peapod Adobe Youth Voices Academy students partnered with LatinoJustice PRLDF to explore Stop & Frisk policies, community […]

Life Stories at Stick Fly

The Life Stories and Media Lab students went to see “Stick Fly” on Broadway by playwright Lydia R. Diamond at the Cort Theater on Wednesday, December 21. The play follows the LeVays, an affluent African American family who come together […]