Performance Showcase at HSMP

Students at the High School for Medical Professions (HSMP) in Brooklyn are participating in a yearlong arts integration with teaching artist Ava Wilson.  The program involves the integration of theater into their dance classes, and students have been exploring the role of improvisation in performance.  They recently presented original multimedia pieces created during the first semester.   Though a majority of the students had never performed publicly, they met the challenge of presenting work from the semester in an artistic and professional manner.


The project began by introducing the students to acting improvs.  Students were asked to attempt to embody preselected emotions in various scenes that they performed during class.  They were then asked to turn said scenes into nbso online casino reviews non-verbal dance-inspired pieces.  After introducing the students to the basic fundamentals of acting, they were introduced to the Rudolf Laban movement techniques for actors.  These eight efforts–press, punch, float, glide, dab, flick, wring, and slash–are characterized by certain principles that aid actors in embodying characters and moods more fluidly and realistically.


The students were introduced to the efforts through exploring the mood of various works of visual art: “The Boxer,” by Jean-Michel Basquiat, “The Train,” by Romare Bearden, “Olaniyi” by Lorna Williams, “Hunting for Blackbirds” by Clementine Hunter, and “The Seamstress” by Jacob Lawrence.  They were asked to split into groups and depict the mood of each piece by using the various Laban efforts to communicate mood and character.  The rubric for their pieces was that each scene had to have a beginning, middle, and end, have axial and locomotive movements, explore high, middle, and low levels, and of course, be inspired by the pieces.