Photo of the Week and Student Reports from The 24 Hour Plays on Broadway!

(From left) Gina Gershon, Jack McBrayer, and Zosia Mamet (really!) in Horse, written by Rachel Axler and directed by Leigh Silverman.

(From left) Gina Gershon, Jack McBrayer, and Zosia Mamet (really!) in Horse, written by Rachel Axler and directed by Leigh Silverman.
The math of Montblanc Presents The 24 Hour Plays on Broadway is simple: 24 productive hours + 27 acclaimed actors + 6 accomplished writers + 6 impressive directors + 6 prestigious musical guests from the Broadway community + countless gallons of coffee + a sold-out house of 750 guests = a record-breaking amount in new funds for Urban Arts Partnership programs!

The 2012 performance of our largest annual fundraiser came to fruition at the American Airlines Theater on Monday, November 12th. The aforementioned talented company had been hard at work since 10pm the previous evening, where the entire group of artists and crew met for the first time. The next 22 hours were spent writing, memorizing, and rehearsing 6 brand new short plays before our audience of partners and donors streamed through the doors to see the show. The performance and after-party were covered by Playbill, Daily Mail, and the Huffington Post, among others, bringing valuable awareness to our mission to close the achievement gap.

Canice Munroe and Janessa Terry, students in the Urban Arts Partnership Peapod Adobe Youth Voices Academy, opened the evening with two rousing and emotional spoken word performances. Maynor Alas, Urban Arts alum and winner of this year’s Montblanc Young Writers program, saw his first work performed on Broadway as one of this year’s playwrights. His play Barrio Rescue was performed by Gabourey Sidibe, Diane Neal, Mickey Sumner, Rosie Perez, and Seth Green.


As budding actors, Academy theater students were on hand during Monday’s rehearsal to observe the process and interview the artists. They developed their notes into reflective blog posts, which can be found here.

“When I watched the plays I started to notice that these movie stars make mistakes as well! I don’t know about you, but I felt if they were on TV, they would be perfect on stage. But no, they had their laughs and their mistakes, which made me realize acting is a really hard thing to do and that it’s ok to always make mistakes because it will get you to improve more and more.” – Katherine

“After the first run through I was able to catch them on their lunch break and ask them a few questions. I asked Jason Biggs if he preferred to work in theater or film, and he replied, ‘They both have their benefits but there’s something about theatre not having edited performances that makes it exciting.’ When asked what he liked best about the project, he said he likes the opportunity to support the youth, which is a great feeling.” – Kayla


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