Photo of the Week – February 07, 2011

Life Stories students lead MS 258’s after-school theater program in an acting exercise. 

This week, three students in Life Stories, the Urban Arts advanced acting and playwriting program, shared their experience and expertise with MS 258’s after-school theater class. Mailk, Isaiah, and Anthony traveled to the middle school to lead their own Master Class. Both groups learned a lot from each other – and had a great time!
Life Stories performed a scene, answered questions from the younger students, then led the class in a series of acting exercises. Then the tables were turned as MS 258, who are studying with Urban Arts Teaching Artist Brendan Boland, performed a staged reading of an original play they are creating based on the Salem witch trials.
What did the students think about the Master Class?
“I’m thankful for the experience and I learned a lot from being able to teach kids younger than me.” – Isaiah (Life Stories)
“I thought it was really awesome.  Today changed my mind about acting and made me want to do more.  Everything was helpful for us for the play we are working on.” – Anayess (MS 258)
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