Photo of the Week – November 21, 2012

Artistic Board Chair Rosie Perez with Academy students William Herasme and Ashley Allen at the LatinoJustice Gala.

During a four-week summer intensive, our Peapod Adobe Youth Voices Academy students partnered with LatinoJustice PRLDF to explore Stop & Frisk policies, community policing, and racial profiling and produce a documentary called Unreasonable Suspicion. Through the collaboration with LatinoJustice, our students received training with expert lawyers and were granted access to interview policy makers and experts in the field.


On October 25th, our students William Herasme and Ashley Allen, along with our Artistic Board Chair, Rosie Perez, represented the Peapod Academy at the LatinoJustice 40th Year Anniversary Gala. More than 600 lawyers, elected officials, judges, law students, and community leaders attended the Gala to celebrate and honor the organization’s long-standing commitment to fight for the community’s civil rights. The Unreasonable Suspicion trailer was heavily featured in the LatinoJustice anniversary video reel, highlighting their impact in landmark civil rights cases in education, worker, housing, voter and immigrant rights.


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Click here to watch the trailer for the Academy documentary Unreasonable Suspicion.