Photos of the Week – October 4th, 2011

New Design High School students walk the Brooklyn Bridge with United Way.

Students from Urban Arts Partnership’s iDesign Program at New Design High School took part in the United Way‘s third annual Bridge Walk on Saturday, October 1st. The event brings together families and community organizations from all over the city to “Live United” and find solutions to gaps in Education, Income and Healthby Giving, Advocating, and Volunteering.

Walkers started their journey in Manhattan and crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, ending their walk at the Live United Festival in Cadman Plaza. At the Urban Arts Partnership table, we talked to community members about our programs and volunteer opportunities. Our iDesign walk team enjoyed lunch from the gourmet food trucks and some even had their faces painted. Thanks to the United Way for supporting iDesign and Urban Arts!

For more photos of the Bridge Walk, click here.

NDHS Mobility Shifts Preparation

New Design High School students design the classroom of the future.

Students from New Design High School prepare to present at Mobility Shifts: An International Future of Learning Summit. The students are a part of the panel,“NYC Students Imagine the 2050 Classroom” facilitated by Urban Arts Executive Director Philip Courtney, Stephanie Pereira of Kickstarter and Lauren Brandt Schloss of The Queens Museum of Art:What will the classroom look like in 2050? How will the traditional roles of teacher and student be reimagined? How will the open web and digital devices impact the way we learn and share information? Through a series of fall workshops, our group will collaborate with a design agency to ask students K-12 these questions and more. We will invite students to  imagine community learning environments in 2050, thinking about the space, the people, and especially the tools. During and following workshops, a team of designers will work with us to create a design document that will visualize the tools and spaces we create, and embed them in a narrative about learning in 2050. A select group of students will be invited to  present their work at a panel during Mobility Shifts.    Mobility Shifts takes place October 10th-16th and is presented by The New School.
For more photos of the students preparing for the conference, click here.