Playwrights in Residence- Session 1

Our first session was a blast, kicking off what is sure to be an exciting collaboration.

1st order of business: Casts Announced!

After much anticipation we announced the five casts for the 2010 Playwrights in Residence Program.  Drum roll please…

Jon Kern will have the daunting cast of writing for 4 talented Life Stories members: Brittany Guisintanner (12th grade), Diogenes Martinez (11th grade, Heritage HS), Josh Ramos (12th grade, City As), and Isaiah Alicea (10th grade)

Josh Koenigsberg will write for the talented Anthony Naranjo (11th grade, Beacon HS), Petra Wilmer (9th grade), Chris Patterson (12th grade, East Side Community HS)

Dominique Morisseau will write for female powerhouse cast: Shekeyva Edwards (11th grade), Juanise Allen (11th grade, New Design HS), Cyndia LaFontant (12th grade, New Design HS).

Natalia Naman will write for the delightful Maxine Batchler (10th grade, New Design HS), Taylor Morrison (New Design HS), and Devante Williams (12th grade).

Harrison Rivers will write for the powerful Sydney White (10th grade, New Design HS), Eric McKenzie (12th grade, Boys and Girls HS), Lerone Savage (12th grade).

2nd order of business: Getting To Know You

After a brief intro, the teams set off to work quickly, forming a natural rapport in every case.  Check out pictures of this exciting collaboration.  Makes you wanna be in Life Stories, huh?