2021 Nagler Scholar

Meet Katelyn Park, the 2021 Nagler Scholarship recipient.

The Nagler scholarship was created to enable low-income high school students to follow their dreams by providing $60,000 to one winning scholar and $10,000 to a runner up to help them attend the college of their dreams. After winning acceptance at many impressive colleges, Katelyn has chosen The Rochester Institute of Technology and will be matriculating this fall. Although she has been awarded an impressive financial package, The Nagler Scholarship will provide critical funds that will enable her to move onto campus to experience a more enriching student life.

I would like to thank Niclas and the Committee for providing me with this incredible scholarship and the opportunity,’ said Katelyn Park, “I’ve always been drawn to technology. Then I discovered The School of Interactive Arts @ UAP. Without SIA, I would have never known that a career in arts and technology was possible. Being able to witness the diverse stories of my peers pushed me to take a look at myself and what I wanted for my life. If you can’t see it, you can’t be it. Niclas, and all of you, thank you for investing in me and all of us. Your support will provide us with the opportunity to keep exploring and to be creative and free.”

Speaking about Katelyn’s qualities Niclas noted, “Katelyn’s engaging personality, her mastery of both arts and technology and her focus on giving back to the community made her the clear choice. I am very excited to award Katelyn the 2021 Nagler Scholarship. I look forward to seeing her grow, not only as an artist, visionary, and a leader, but also as a human being.”

Katelyn's artwork

About the Nagler Scholarship

Niclas Nagler founded the Nagler College Scholarship in 2007, and every year he has helped our students strive for their best and fulfill their potential. We are so grateful to Niclas and proud to be able to partner with him on this life changing initiative.