Student Profile

Albert O.


Fresh Prep

Albert’s Fresh Prep Success

Albert took the Global history Regents over the summer and failed it.  He’s a student that had trouble with retaining historical facts.  Albert took Fresh Prep in the summer, but did not attend consistently, and, as a result, did not pass the exam last summer.

In the fall of 2012, Albert signed up for Fresh Prep a second time, and this time, he attended class more regularly, took the music seriously, and studied at home, which made a huge difference. Albert increased his score from a 42 to a 75.

“The music actually helped me, because I’m always listening to music and trying to learn the lyrics.  Knowing the lyrics from the music actually helped me remember the subject and keep it in my mind because it was a catchy tune,” says Albert.

Albert currently works at his school as a student intern, and is studying to pass his last Regents Exam, which is English.  He says, “I wish there was Fresh Prep for English!”  He will attend Staten Island College in the fall.

– Jamel Mims, Fresh Prep