Student Profile

Darwin S.

Darwin’s Dance Inspired Confidence

“Darwin joined the Latin Dance Class in March.  He also recruited his friend Steven to join.  When he arrived, he was eager to learn and a little nervous since he never danced before.  We began with Salsa which he embraced, and he slowly gained confidence in his movements. He wanted to learn more dances and also loved learning the Cha Cha. He enjoyed the music of Tito Puente and is very interested in old music. The last of the dances he learned was the Tango, which he resisted because it was out of his comfort zone and was apprehensive about learning.  After a week of learning the steps he started to enjoy the Tango. He learned how to get into Tango character and began choreographing along with me. The final piece of  the Tango he created and choreographed.  The day of the performance the audience loved the ending and he was very proud of himself.  In his words, ‘my biggest success in this class was to perform on stage for the Mother’s Day show, and this was my biggest success because I never performed in front of so many people before.’ Darwin is a senior and is graduating this year and going on to college.  He also works full time as a Life Guard for a company that provides life guards to luxury buildings all over the city.”