Student Profile

Iris G.


IS 286

Iris, Dedicated Dance Student

“Iris is a spectacular, thoughtful student who is a model of dedication: she has only missed one class the entire year! With two teaching artists in this year’s dance afterschool program, Iris has learned many different dance techniques: African, step, Chicago-style stepping, hip hop, contemporary, ballet…But no matter the lesson, Iris consistently listens to corrections and does her best. Iris plans to be a doctor one day, and with her work ethic, she definitely will be!”

Here are Iris’s thoughts on after school dance: “In dance, I learned many types of dance, like boot dance and African dance. Also I learned different exercises. Also I learned choreographic elements of dance. My life would be different if I didn’t have dance because I wouldn’t be able to dance or learn different dances from different countries and cultures. Also I wouldn’t be flexible.”