Adobe Youth Voices

Adobe Youth Voices trains and supports a community of educators to use technology in their classrooms, empowering students to become media makers and active global citizens.


AYV Program Overview

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Participating educators from a diverse range of settings, including public school teachers, after school teachers and youth organization educators, gain skills for integrating media projects into their work using Adobe software.  Students develop skills for media literacy and use their projects as a platform to speak out about relevant issues that affect their lives. UAP’s educator cohort is comprised of 47 teaching artists and classroom teachers working with 750 students in grades 6 – 12.  The educators work across and represent sixteen New York City public school sites and two New York City community based organizations. Unlike most traditional technology projects, the majority of our teachers are from humanities classrooms, which has given us the opportunity to truly integrate technology and media into new classes in exciting ways. The tools that AYV provides allow teachers to better implement Common Core and Danielson standards in the classroom. One AYV participant states,

I wanted to thank you. Today I got observed in the classroom teaching a lesson where I revised the use of show and tell for a special article and video.  I used a webbing activity of questions/discussion group, based on the exercise you taught us in the last AYV workshop. It went over really well.  My supervisor’s gave me the only “highly developing” in 3b (Danielson) using questioning and discussion technique in the classroom.” – Ms.Lewis, AYV Educator, NYC

Students are also thrilled with the AYV experience. Technology has transformed their classrooms – participating students are more engaged with their learning and empowered by the project-based approach. Students are afforded numerous opportunities to become active learners, community leaders, and career-bound teens.  In addition to learning pre-professional software and design skills, the students have attended Career Panels which allow them to begin charting their futures. Projects in which the students have participated have been diverse and compelling. For example, in the fall of 2013, students in a French class created narrative silent films with French subtitles. Students were not only thrilled by the project, but eager to hone their French skills in order to make their films as exceptional as possible. In December of 2013, Adobe Youth Voices Academy students completed a project entitled “More Than a Quota,” where students developed a campaign surrounding the impact of New York City’s Stop and Frisk policy.  The project culminated in a multimedia digital pop up exhibit to showcase creative responses to the experience of being stopped and frisked as a NYC youth. This digital showcase provided a venue for our students to create original media and share multimedia projects that give young people a voice in the discourse around community policing. Students also take part in annual events, such as Adobe Youth Voices Live and the Urban Arts Festival.

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