EASE Summer Institute

The EASE Summer Institute is a joint presentation of the Los Angeles Unified School District K-12 Arts Office, the LAUSD Division of Special Education, New York City’s Special Education District, District 75, and leading arts education organization Urban Arts Partnership. Over three days in both New York City and Los Angeles, the Summer Institute brings the benefits of the Everyday Arts for Special Education program to the wider education community in support of students with special needs.

EASE Summer Institutes provide educational support for arts and special education teachers to feel more supported and knowledgable about inclusion and differentiation instructional practices, strategies, etc. We target select schools that are interested in fostering collaborative and inclusive relationships between both staff members and send teams of teachers to attend to make space and place for immediate support systems in their schools. Additionally, this three-day intensive training will strengthen the following skills for special education teachers:

  • Differentiation and scaffolding academic and behavioral goals
  • Fostering collaborative lesson planning with cluster teachers during inclusion instruction
  • Strengthening academic and behavioral goals by incorporating social emtional and arts integration strategies
  • Fostering student engagement in academic content through arts integration
  • Exploring our understanding of our students’ needs, wants, and feelings through culturally responsive pedagogy in classroom practices and academic content
  • Leadership and relationship building with inclusion instructors in their schools

EASE Summer Institute 2016

Los Angeles June 14, 15, 16. Registration information coming soon!

New York City August; TBD

“My biggest takeaway was to learn instead of saying “my kids can’t/won’t do that” try it, remember that: 
A. they might surprise you.
B. if they do it even a little it can be a huge success.

C. if we teach them it, then they will be able to do it.” Arts Teacher, LAUSD Arts Department Training, Summer 2015

“I love the growing awareness of community instead of isolation within disability. Together we can do anything! There is such potential for our students to learn to appreciate and support each other’s efforts and learn to help each other and work together.” – Special Education Teacher, LA Summer Institute 2015