Fresh Ed

Fresh Ed an arts integrated program designed to enhance teaching and learning through culturally responsive pedagogy (teacher practice) and song-writing (student engagement). It gives teachers and students new ways to interact with content-related vocabulary and concepts, to increase knowledge and deepen understanding.


We provide high-level professional development workshops in the Fresh Ed pedagogy for middle school ELA and Social Studies classroom teachers.Our MCs (Masters of Curriculum) also collaborate with teachers in the classroom to implement Fresh Ed lessons, skills, and strategies learned in the professional development workshops.Participating teachers learn skills and strategies to facilitate student artistic creation centered on their ELA and Social Studies curriculum. Teachers and students learn to use digital tools to create and document their projects. Our partner schools are located in District 14 and District 19 in Brooklyn.


In order to improve students’ academic performance, Fresh Ed addresses the key problem of lack of student engagement and motivation.The style through which academic content is delivered to students is often the deciding factor in their choice of how, when and why to engage in their own learning process.​ ​By acknowledging the cultural context and pop culture​ ​interests of middle school students,​ ​Fresh Ed is able to respond to the students’ culture, to build confidence and ​boost academic achievement.​


Fresh Ed harnesses ​the ​inherent mnemonic power of music; when facts and information to be memorized are put into a melody, rhyme, and/or rhythm the content is easier for the mind to retrieve. The mnemonic effectiveness of music, when combined with increased engagement through culturally responsive pedagogy, will result in a greater interest in​,​ and attention span for​,​ exploring content in ways that deepen conceptual understanding.​ In addition to listening to, and examining the music, students will remix the Fresh Ed songs, creating their own songs. Fresh Ed music becomes an informational and an assessment tool allowing both, students and teachers​, to​ gain musical skills and understandings ​in how to ​apply them.

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