The iConnect program creates a youth-driven, safe space within the high school setting where students with a history of absenteeism can reengage in school and develop their socio-emotional, academic and intellectual selves.

iConnect improves the academic attainment, engagement and graduate rates of chronically absent students through school-based counseling and enrichment services. The program targets students in five key service areas: counseling, peer mentorship, family involvement, attendance outreach, and academic support. iConnect promotes student success within and beyond high school by emphasizing the values of self-advocacy, participation, empathy, collaboration, and creativity throughout all elements of the program.

iConnect employs peer mentoring to empower students who are struggling with attendance to become leaders within their schools. Through this program, UAP alumni are trained as mentor advocates and foster a safe space where students can set personal and academic goals, share successes and challenges and develop leadership skills.  iConnect empowers students to advocate for themselves and to seek out supports both in the school and outside of school in order to help them navigate the path to graduation.

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