PS 155 Dance Class

At PS 155 3-5th grade students have been working with teaching artist Claire Tunkel to create their “I AM” series, learning how to combine dance, poetry, and visual arts into one performance. Here are some photos from dance class!

Students warm up with Ms. Claire –

Students have learned choreography and created their own based on “I AM” prompts. Ms. Claire introduced “I am proud” and asked students to make up a movement to show pride. Students then picked “I am funny,” “I am adorable” and “I am smart” from their poems. They made up choreography from their dance moves which are part of their final performance. Here are some pictures from rehearsal-

Jaylen and Josue will be doing cartwheels- see if you can catch Jaylen in action!

Student Interviews:

Guadalupe – dance class is fun, we dance and we have a good time with each other.. and sometimes we casino online also get to say stuff about ourselves

Yasmin- we are working on I am proud. It”s a dance about us we made.

Kya- we got our “I am” ideas from poems in dance class – Ms. Claire did “I am proud” and we did the rest.

Joanna- one thing I”m excited is that we get to show parents our dance and what we”ve been working hard on.

Taniyah- something I like about dance is the free dance that we do because we get to be whatever we want.