PS 20 and New Design High School Exchange

PS 20 2nd grade students had visitors a few weeks ago- their Reading Buddies from New Design High School! Students from New Design came to PS 20 on a Monday and interviewed their 2nd grade reading buddies; they asked questions about family members, favorite foods, and hobbies. From there, 9th grade students and 2nd grade students choose two books from the school library- a book the 2nd graders could read and a book the 9th graders could read to their buddies. New Design students came back on Wednesday and the reading buddies shared an hour together in the library again. They read books, talked about the pictures, and had some laughs.
Later that week PS 20 students wrote their reading buddies thank you notes. Thank you very much to PS 20 administration, the teachers from PS 20 and New Design High School, and PS 20’s librarian! You helped make a great morning possible!