PS 40 K-2 Monster Mash

Students act like monsters waking up to a slow count

The K-2 students in Urban Arts’ Music, Arts, Dance & Drama class at PS 40 are celebrating their favorite reason to dress up with their version of the Monster Mash. Students took a break from their usualy busy schedule to share these photos. They’ve been learning the music scale, choreographing songs, and are planning to create a puppet show based off of their retelling of a famous story. Keep checking the post to hear more!


                                 The MADD class works on their choreography


Bashan: I’m 6. I like the music the most that is fast. I think the Moonlight Sonata is good because of the music it has. It’s by Beethoven. Dancing in the monster mash song, the beginning is the easiest. I am going to be Spiderman for Halloween.

Jaelen: I am 8 years old. My favorite part of class is the end when we play game. My favorite game is statue. I like to be the guard. The fun part is when we get to dance. I think the Moonlight Sonata is awesome because I hear the “one two three” swing beat. One thing I’d like to make in class is paper airplanes for the puppet show. I’d put my puppet it in the airplane and fly it.

Sabrina: I’m 7, but my birthday is tomorrow so I’m 8! My favorite part of class is when we write stories and maps. I like to dance and play statues. The hardest part of class is remembering what we did in last class and doing it right today. But it can be fun, too. I am excited to make the puppet story.


Students try different monster poses with Ms. Cristina