PS 46 Makes a Jabberwocky

At PS 46 the tap and modern dance classes combined to make a Jabberwocky. Jabberwocky is played through a series of challenges where the group has to learn to work together as an ensemble (our word of the day). Once the ensemble passes the first challenge, the next step is to come together to make a Jabberwocky. And if they can do that, then the final challenge is to make their monster locomote!

We learned that a Jabberwocky is a made up monster from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, one of the stories about Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Since a Jabberwocky is a made up creature, we could use our imaginations, our bodies, and working together to make any kind of monster we wanted.

The pictures a little fuzzy because everyone was laughing a lot. It was really fun!