PS 90 Animation Studio

Over the course of this school year the students have been building their visual arts and storytelling skills through comics, animation and character design. Thus far we have done everything from gesture drawings, character personality drawing, comic strips, flip books, stop motion, and cut-out animation. Now we are embarking on our biggest project yet. We have been viewing master works of claymation and puppet animation including Coroline, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Muppet Babies. Over the next few weeks we will be constructing a set and puppets to shoot our most vigorous animation. Here are some shots of our set building!

This is the house we’re building-

Here are parts of the set- it’s really small, so we have to paint carefully-

And this is Abigail, showing how a doodling game during our break can become a neat project once you develop and refine it!