Reflections of Self in Core Material

5th Grade students at P.S 174 are exploring identity by painting their own self-portraits!  The class has learned several different artistic concepts and techniques such as contour drawing, facial lines and shading, proportion, color and mood.

Students are also reading short stories that align with the unit. One such story comes from “Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul.”  The main character of this story significantly struggled in school. After he explores his learning style and learning needs, he moves to a new school that better supports online casino his needs. In the end, he receives all A”s and regains a great amount of self-confidence.

After reading this story as a class, one student stood up and stated that he has a learning disability, and that school is really hard for him. Since then, he has become one of the top performing students in this unit. His natural talent, paired with artistic instruction, has led him well on his way to a very striking self-portrait. Teaching Artist Sasha Vant Hul has put him in charge of helping other students for the rest of the unit!