Rodney Lopez’s Master Class

Rodney Lopez was partnered with Urban Arts Partnership Teaching Artist Sandra Perez to work with her Salsa on 2 students from Heritage School who have been studying Salsa through the lens of the essential question “How has Latin music and Latin dancing stayed mainstream among youth in New York City today?”  Throughout the year, students explored the cultures and traditions of their parents’ generation, and looked at how new artists and new radio stations have kept the sounds and styles of family traditions and Hispanic culture alive. Rodney worked with students on perfecting shines, turn patterns and comparing Salsa on 2 with Cuban mambo and preparing their piece for performance at the Urban Arts Festival.


Student Quotes:

How do you feel the arts improve our communities and build multicultural understanding?

“It builds communities because it brings a whole bunch of people together to do something that’s fun.”


How has today influenced how you think about your art?

“It influenced me to think that even if you thing you know everything, you can always learn more.”
“It influenced me a lot because it really made me want to try harder and showed me I can do anything if I put my mind to it.”
“Master Class influenced me and how I think because the Master Artist was just like me and that through hard work he made it.”
“It makes me want to take the class more seriously and continue it in the future.”


What did you enjoy most about Master Class?

“What I enjoyed most was learning new steps from a celebrity! Also that Rodney Lopez brought so much energy to the room that he inspired everyone to keep dancing salsa.”
“I liked when we learned new steps because it felt like it was okay to make mistakes.”
“What I liked most was the way Rodney treated us.”