Sarwat is Heading to Broadway!

At 18 years of age, Urban Arts Partnership Academy alumna, Sarwat Siddiqui is a force to reckon with.  Sarwat graduated in 2013 from Susan Wagner High School with the President’s Education Award  for Outstanding Academic Excellence. In her senior year, Urban Arts Partnership’s Artistic Board Chair and co-host of the View, Rosie Perez, and founding board member and theater producer, Niclas Nagler, awarded her the Nagler College Scholarship  based on her extraordinary educational, artistic, and civic accomplishments in the Academy at Urban Arts Partnership’s playwriting and leadership programs.

Sarwat is currently a Sophomore at Fordham studying Humanitarian Affairs and Neuro-Science; while writing and putting up plays through the Academy at Urban Arts Partnership’s theater programs; and serving as The Digital and Civic Engagement Fellow at LatinoJustice, PRLDEF.

Sarwat has experienced incredible tumult in her personal life, from being raised by a single parent in a low income household; to losing their home in Hurricane Sandy and having to relocate; to facing Islamophobia and issues surrounding living with epilepsy. Instead of letting these obstacles hinder her, she uses her experiences to inspire others through projects, including: Inspirational Women: Katie Holmes In Short  for AOL; community service projects in China and Ghana; and her newest campaign  “#StandUp4Love” where she empowers her peers to debunk stereotypes and represent themselves and the values they stand for.

Sarwat aspires to pursue a career in which she can help people live normal, full lives and not let mental/health disorders define them.  She envisions herself working as a pediatric neurologist and one day working for the World Health Organization (while continuing to write plays on the side!)

Her short play “ilocked” featuring Philip Courtney (CEO of Urban Arts Partnership), Tracie Thoms (Annie), Bryan Terrell Clack (Motown) and two Urban Arts Partnership Academy theater alumni-Haskiri Velazquez and Oladimeji Akinwande, directed by Sherri Barber,  won the 5th annual Montblanc Young Writers Program.
Congratulations Sarwat!