The staff at Urban Arts Partnership bring passion, thoughtfulness and years of

experience in the arts and education to their roles in our organization. Feel free

to call our office any time to learn more about our organization and how each of

us work to bring the vitality of the arts into our schools and communities.

Jura Chung
Chief Operations Officer
Philip Courtney
Chief Executive Officer
Kevin Kim Wright
Chief Program Officer
Kathleen Elie
Chief Financial Officer
Genevieve King
Director of Philanthrophy
Zingi Mkefa
Director, Institutional Giving
Shannon Moran
Deputy Director, Programs
Joelle Blackstock
Manager, Post-Secondary Success
Alejandro Alvarez
Community School Director, I.S. 528
Stephen Colon
Director, School of Interactive Arts
Bernadette Garcia
Social Worker, P.S. 132
Domingo Estevez
Community School Director, P.S. 132
Sean Heron
Faculty, School of Interactive Arts
Mike Jones
Community School Director, FHS
Neena Phillips
Program Administrator
Margaret Plong
Operations Manager
Lindsay Tanner
Senior Program Manger, EASE
Caroline Vigneron
Development Manager, Philanthrophy
Dr. Šara Stranovsky
Lead Teaching Artist
Noca Wu
Project Manager, School of Interactive Arts


NEW YORK, NY 10011



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