Steve S. Beats the Test!

Fresh Prep

I met Steve S. while doing Fresh Prep program orientation at Legal Studies High School in Williamsburg. Steve was very reserved and hardly spoke. When I asked the students about their past New York City Global History Regents Exam scores, Steve told me that he didn’t remember. Steve stayed behind the next day after class to tell me that he definitely remembered his past exam score, but it was so low he was embarrassed to announce it in front of the other students- he received a 33%.

Although Steve always sat in the back of the classroom, every time I called upon him to answer a content based question, he was right on point. Toward the end of the course, Steve stayed after class to speak with me again, this time to tell me that for the first time, he felt that he was really learning the information.

During the final countdown to the Regents in Exam, Steve was dedicated. He took his Fresh Prep workbook home each day, he downloaded all the Fresh Prep music and he attended Saturday Fresh Prep sessions.

Steve’s dedication truly paid off. He received an 85% on his Global History Regents Exam, a 52 point improvement. Steve has now graduated from high school, making his family proud.

– Fresh Prep MC J.R.