Students of MDPHS talk Stop And Frisk

Post by students Vladimir  & Candice

The MDPHS Urban Arts Partnership team went on a journey to SoHo and experienced how stop and frisk affects people in the community. At the event there were pictures of people that were killed by cops and sadly one of our Urban Arts students saw someone she knew in the pictures and shed tears which was a very sad to see and an emotional time. There were stories told about how stop and frisk affected young people’s lives; we even spoke to a young man and he told us how terrified he was of them. He shared that he’s been pulled over a hundred times, one day he and his friends were playing handball and the cops drove up to harass them. When they were about to leave the cops grabbed him and threw him to the floor and threw his friends against the gate when they didn’t do anything to harm anyone. He has a younger brother and it’s so bad that until this day if they’re walking and they see a cop, his brother grabs his hands and moves closer to him. Some cops are not just biased about racial things but also amongst other situations, such as your sexuality. There were also artists rapping about stop and frisk and having open discussion about our opinions. They also gave us an opportunity to talk about our experiences with stop and frisk on a video recording and sharing their experiences.


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