News: Elementary School

Everyday Arts for Special Education, 2013 Summer Institute

This past July, MNMP/Urban Arts Partnership and the New York City Special Education District, District 75, presented the Everyday Arts for Special Education (EASE) Summer Institute, an intensive five-day training event for both elementary school and arts teachers across the […]

Parent Workshops at PS 48M

We had a great morning at PS 48M working with parents on portraiture they can do at home with kids. Teaching Artist Beto Sepulveda led parents through an exercise in using crayon transfer, black and white copies of photos, and […]

Happy New Year and PS 40 has an I Teach I Learn

Students and Parents prepare for an acting exercise. PS 40’s film class, led by teaching artist Brian Wojo Womack, students opened their doors to grownups in their first I Teach I Learn. Everyone was invited to this open class, where […]

PS 90 Holiday Preparations

At PS 90 in Coney Island, dance students are busily preparing for their winter dance concert today! Over 40 1st and 2nd graders, working with teaching artist Kathy Fleurissaint, have been honing their dance moves. Here’s what they had to […]

PS 112 Holiday Share

Students at PS 112 shared the great work they”ve been doing in their music class with the whole school this week. Their percussion unit best online casino focused on bucket drums, and teaching artist Martin Urbach led them in showing […]

PS 277 Kindergarten Dance

PS 277″s Kindergarten and 2nd grade students have begun learning tap this year! The kindergartners are exploring how dance class rules, such as following directions, practicing, discipline, and respecting each other”s personal space, help them learn better, both in dance […]

PS 155 Dance Class

At PS 155 3-5th grade students have been working with teaching artist Claire Tunkel to create their “I AM” series, learning how to combine dance, poetry, and visual arts into one performance. Here are some photos from dance class! Students […]