Thank You Summer Youth Employment Program Interns!

Today we say goodbye to our Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) interns, and send them off with a huge THANK YOU! Our four interns, who have been invaluable in getting UAP ready for the fall. We hope they will come back to visit us soon!

Learn more about two of our SYEP interns below:

My name is Dionis, and I live in Brooklyn, New York. I am currently enrolled in Stuyvesant High School. I like to play chess and go fishing during my free time. I am also a gamer, I use my PC to fulfill my needs (such as researching and gaming). My favorite subject is English because it is one of my weakest. I want to get better at it because there are many secrets in literature that I can see only after I have gotten better. This desire is also why I like being at UAP. Urban Arts Partnership was created to help students become better at core subjects using the arts. These programs can help students expand their horizon of ideas and skills. I think that is awesome. Being an employee I really understand what Urban Arts is about- being able to freely express myself as an artist would. Being in  a serious yet comfortable working environment is what makes UAP a great employer!

My name is Stephone. My mom and I are currently staying in a shelter, and saving money for own place in Brooklyn. The shelter feels like a prison. This job will help my mom and I get furniture and the many things we will need when we get a new place. I grew up in Brownsville, Brooklyn in the Howard Houses projects. I attended Boys and Girls High School on Fulton Street. Although it was a dangerous area, it did not affect my school work. After high school, I attended Long Island University in downtown Brooklyn. I completed one semester in 2012, and I hope to return within a few years to complete my major in journalism. I am currently the C.E.O of writing of my upcoming business organization, Team Pr0 Productions.

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