The 24 Hour Plays – Student Edition

On Tuesday, August 6th, four Urban Arts Alumni and 12 Life Stories actors put together four 10-minute plays in 24 hours at the New Group’s Studio Blackbox Theater on 42ndstreet!

As writers, we started off the process by getting to know our cast’s special skills, stage desires, and favorite props and costumes.  Whether it was being able to do street dancing or sign language on the stage, each actor brought something special to the table and helped us develop our characters before we starting the writing process on our own. For the next 7 hours, the four of us sat down in UAP writing our play with the help of each other and our mentors!

The next day, we all arrived to the New Group studios to share our scripts with the actors and directors and spend the rest of the day staging and rehearsing with our guest directors (Eddie Kaye Thomas, Raviv Ullman, Diane Neal, Troy Miller, Thomas Kail)!

I was a bit nerve wracked in the beginning, since it was my first time both writing for the 24 hour plays and taking a break from writing serious plays. However as I got to see Eddie working with the cast to shape the show, I knew we were going to be great!

It was definitely a rewarding experience to work with our amazing guest directors and especially rewarding as a playwright to see the audiences enjoying the work we did in such a short amount of time!

– Sarwat Siddiqui