The Academy Summer Intensive!

This past July saw some of the most intensive pieces of work ever done by The Academy. It was a time for innovation, and a time to build the community up from scratch again. Not to say that the community needed a rehash or rebuilding, but The Academy saw a whopping 85% of newcomers in attendance! These new students brought with them new ideas and a fiery passion and will to learn.

The Academy Teaching staff and Administration also took part in this new wind of change. Over the course of 4 weeks, more than 13 video projects were planned, shot, and edited. Each of the 7 programs collaborated with each other to create music videos, documentaries, an interactive silent film, and a plethora of 60-second selfies exhibiting each student’s identity within the artistic world. The Photography students dabbled the most into the theme of identity. They designed and published their first professional photo books.

LifeStories delve deeper in the acting world. The aspiring thespians were set up with mock auditions and introduced to professional working actors. They developed “real life” audition skills and created their resume. Through collaboration with the Photo & Design crew, they took their professional headshots.

Game Design & Coding developed their own game called “Chubby Dash”. This side-scrolling adventure can be played on The Academy website and is only a sample of what these kids learned all summer. Programming is no easy feat and they’re only getting better. They also produced an interactive silent film designed after RPG games.

But let’s give a huge shout out to the Media Lab students who worked on every film project across every program. It was through their hard work and perseverance that The Academy was able to put out the high quality films you can catch on the website.

Not only did The Academy students work on their respective crafts, they also learned how to use various computer programs. From Adobe Premiere to Unity and Blender, students became multimedia magicians over the summer.

Overall, a fast paced yet productive summer for The Academy.

We can’t wait for programming to start up in the fall!

– Manny Minaya, Academy Program Coordinator