The Power of iConnect!


Tizhane, a student at the High School for Graphic Communication Arts, first joined Urban Arts Partnership last year as part of iConnect, a program designed to engage students struggling with attendance. This month, she was among the students honored by Principal Lyons for perfect attendance at Graphics. Since joining iConnect, Tizhane has blossomed as a leader and an artist. Her iConnect Mentor Kassiem Walters says, “she’s one those people that exemplifies iConnect and embodies Urban Arts Partnership. She’s someone who had potential that was overlooked but was able to grow once she had the space to develop confidence and become a leader.” Tizhane also joined UAP’s Academy last year as part of the Music Production class, where she was featured in the song and music video “The Way You Are.” When asked what inspired her to improve her attendance she replied, “it’s called responsibility, wanting to overcome what happened last year and achieve more.”

The Way You Are