Theater at Middle School for Arts and Philosophy

The students in Urban Arts Partnership’s after school theater program at Brooklyn’s Middle School for Arts and Philosophy (MSAP) researched various professions in the community and wrote original scenes inspired by those jobs.  Students were to pick jobs they could see themselves having in the future or jobs that they wanted to learn more about.  They explored the various responsibilities of each occupation, as well as the skills necessary to be successful at each job.  The scenes depicted a day in the life of a hairstylist, a senator, a journalist, a photographer and a sheriff.  Students performed the scenes in front of their classmates to RAVE reviews!

The writers and actors of “Two Face,” an action-packed scene about a sheriff.

Students performing their original scene about a photographer’s high-stakes assignment to capture a photo of a rare bird.

When asked about their experiences with performing on stage students said:

Kaaliyah: “I felt a bit nervous.  Also I felt excited because I felt eager to perform.”

Kadeem: “I felt confident on stage. I felt as if people loved me (which they did!)”

Chardenay: “I felt free because I love the stage.”

Students celebrating after the performance with teaching artist Michelle Slonim