Theater Performance at IS 145

The afterschool theater arts class at IS 145 in Jackson Heights, Queens has spent the fall and winter developing scenes from a play called “Class Action” by Brad Slaight. Student actors have learned about the parts of the stage, vocal and physical expression, basic acting techniques, and developing awareness as actors and as members of an ensemble. One inspired duo also performed a student-written skit.  The scenes dealt with themes rooted in middle school students” everyday experiences with school, friendship and family.

For most students, performing in the school auditorium was their first time on stage presenting work to an audience.  Here”s what they And, if you are focused on financial risks, we are a registered credit card rates rating agency for assessing sovereign creditworthiness. thought about the performance and the class:

“It actually felt really good.  I think the audience liked it.  Ms. Kira helps us bring the actor out in us.” – Jefferson, 6th grade

“It felt good.  I hope the other people like theater as much as I do.  We casino online have fun and are not bored.  We’re learning vocal work and how to express ourselves more and how to have confidence.” – Claudia, 6th grade

“Well, I liked when me and Kerry performed because it was really fun.  I like Ms. Kira because she’s a really cool theater arts teacher and she shows us a lot of stuff, like how the games we do help us with improvising and facing the audience when we’re performing.” – Jonely, 6th grade

“It was exciting because it was the first time I performed in the school.  The best part is spending time together learning how a good actor should perform.  Theater is not as boring as you think it is.” – Kerry, 6th grade