This Week: Urban Arts Partnership Enters Into A Contract With the Kennedy Center to Train Special Education Teachers In Los Angeles

In October of last year, Urban Arts Partnership entered into a strategic alliance with the innovative non-profit Manhattan New Music Project (MNMP), where MNMP is now wholly owned subsidiary of Urban Arts Partnership. UAP now administers the MNMP program Everyday Arts for Special Education (EASE), which uses arts based strategies to improve student achievement in the areas of communication, socialization, academic learning, and arts proficiency. For more information on the acquisition, click here.
As the Los Angeles Unified School District expands their special education inclusion program, they require teacher training in inclusive arts integration practices. Urban Arts has recently entered into a contract with the Kennedy Center to offer Everyday Arts for Special Education (EASE), a professional development program designed to improve student achievement through integrated, arts-based approaches. Through professional development workshops and embedded classroom PD, participating elementary school teachers will learn skills and strategies across multiple arts disciplines, designed to integrate the arts into their classroom instruction. EASE has been serving NYCDOE teachers and their students for two years.Through EASE, these LAUSD teachers will learn to integrate the arts into their classroom instruction, gaining instructional skills and strategies across multiple arts disciplines (music, dance, visual arts, and theater). By increasing student engagement through arts integration, EASE provides multiple entry points to learning for students with diverse educational needs.