Tim Hamilton's Master Class


Tim Hamilton’s Master Class started with Tim quickly presenting his drawings and illustrations for Nickelodeon, DC Comics, Treasure Island, and Fahrenheit 451 while discussing his process, technique, current projects, and how he became a professional illustrator with students from Urban Action Academy and New Design High School.  The students then took turns presenting their drawings and illustrations to the group and receiving constructive criticism and advice from Tim.  The students took Tim’s feedback and applied it to the coloring book they were creating for their peers.

Student Quotes:

What did you enjoy most online casino about Master Class?

“I enjoyed being in a class with many other students who shared their love of art with me and those around me.”

“I enjoyed the tips that Mr. Tim gave out. I liked them because they were very helpful and specific.”


Please share one thing you learned today.

“Never throw away your mistakes.”