Transforming Confidence Through Storytelling


Self-portrait by Sajib Bhuiyer at John Adams High School.

Self-portrait by Sajib Bhuiyer at John Adams High School.


Self-portrait by Chamali Begum at John Adams High School

Our goal is to prepare students for the  future by empowering them to tell their personal stories. StoryStudio uses visual art as a vehicle for this empowered self-expression and communication to take place.  These moments, where confidence is transformed, gives our children a platform for learning to occur, as they gain the courage and determination to succeed.  We are currently in the home stretch of Story Studio for the 2013-2014 school year.   Students in 20 schools across New York City have been reading, writing, listening and telling casino stories in preparation for the second annual Story Giants Festival taking place on May 29th at the Scholastic Theater.

Teaching Artist, Jessica Kaire, says ” in Story Studio, Michael has found a dynamic environment in which he can express  and  be himself in alternative ways. Earlier in the year, Michael showed little interest in class and mostly kept to himself while pencil-drumming his way through each session. Throughout the program, he has transformed into one of the most creative minds in the classroom, creating high-quality artwork and written stories while also participating in group discussions.

Farrah Bell, who is teaching at IS 218 in Brooklyn shared that “Hanan, a quiet 6th grader, joined us in the middle of the year from Yemen with her outgoing brother. After working with her for a while (in class and around the building), her confidence has risen and she has become one of my helpers and leaders in her class.”

These are testaments to the  power art and artists have on the learning process. StoryStudio artists support students in  developing and telling their personal life stories.  Through hands-on project based learning students build the academic and social skills necessary to succeed.