UAP Mentor Alumni ready to CONNECT with iCONNECT!

This October, fourteen UAP Alumni were trained to become experts in what it takes to solidify their role as a good role model & leader through the iCONNECT Peer Mentor program.  They were trained in topics such as Adolescent Development, Communication Skills, Person-in-environment theory, Relationship-building, Establishing Healthy Boundaries, Icebreakers and many other essential skills and theories needed to carry on their role.  The iCONNECT Mentor Alumni will be working in 5 high schools and 1 middle school, reaching over 240 students this school year.

iCONNECT creates a youth-driven, safe space within the high school setting where students with a history of absenteeism or issues with engaging in school can CONNECT with their peers and mentors in order to develop their socio-emotional, academic and intellectual selves.  There are five main service areas of the iCONNECT Program model that target identified areas that are understood to be crucial for a student’s educational success. These service areas include attendance monitoring, peer mentoring, individual check-ins for personal & academic advising, opportunities for grade improvement groups/tutoring, extracurricular involvement & cultural excursions/field trips.