Urban Arts celebrates an “Hour of Code” event at NYC Adobe Headquarters

Urban Arts is celebrating an “Hour of Code” by partnering with the NYC Adobe Headquarters for a career panel on December 11th.  The “Hour of Code” event is part of a national campaign for Computer Science Education Week designed to demystify computer science for educators and students.  As part of our Adobe Youth Voices program, our Academy and PUSH School students will be visiting the Adobe Headquarters in Times Square for a career panel and conversation about the role creativity plays in the tech industry. Students will also participate in the free coding lessons and resources on the Computer Science Education Week website.

Urban Arts Partnership continues to demonstrate a deep commitment to using the creative arts as a vehicle for transformational change in our education system.  We strive to engage youth in their creativity and to help students develop a new relationship with learning. We are proud to participate in this national celebration of A+STEM and to promote the role creativity plays on the technology industry.

Get involved with Hour of Code!

1) Spread the word

2) Ask your school to offer an Hour of Code
Send this email to your teacher, the principal, or the PTA. Or give them this handout.

3) Ask your employer to promote the Hour of Code
Send this email to your manager, or the CEO.

4) Promote Hour of Code within your community
Recruit a local group – boy scouts club, church, university, veterans group, or labor union. Or host an Hour of Code “block party” for your neighborhood.

5) Ask a local elected official to support Computer Science Education Week
Send this email to your mayor, city council, or school board.  (Wanna go big? ask your governor)

6) Volunteer time, or contribute hardware or prizes
Consider loaning computers or tablets to your local classroom to help them host an Hour of Code. If you’re tech-savvy, help your child’s teacher host it!

Learn more here.