Urban Arts Launches #findart Twitter Campaign


Art challenges us to consider the world around and within us from a renewed perspective; it has the power to confront and instigate, surprise and educate. Urban Arts Partnership ensures the power of art is maximized in NYC’s public schools so that all students of all backgrounds engage with art to discover their own power. This month, NYC was rocked to discover the elusive Banksy had sprayed his signature art on building walls…and sold for $60 in Central Park. As the world persistently muses the meaning of artistic authorship, who has the right to access culture and “what is art?” in the first place, Urban Arts Partnership challenges you to find out.  Leveraging the clout of Twitter, we challenge you to find Banksy’s art throughout NYC and send a Twit pic of yourself with it to @urbanartsnyc  #FINDART. Not only will this enter you to win 2 tickets to 24 Hour Plays on Broadway and meet the cast, but you will confirm your place in a continual dialogue that keeps our city (and our lives) rich, replete and unrestricted. Go to urbanarts.org to learn more and join the hunt. The winner will be chosen through random drawing on November 14th.

The 24 Hour Plays on Broadway is an annual benefit event produced by the 24 Hour Company and Freestyle Picture Company to benefit Urban Arts Partnership. Every year the the night before the show – a stellar group of six writers, six directors, 24 accomplished actors, two musical guests, and a production staff gather at the American Airlines Theatre. The casts met for the first time at 9 AM and, over the next 12 hours the plays were rehearsed and produced for a live performance at 8:00 PM. The cast of the 24 Hour Plays on Broadway 2013 will be announced on Monday, October 21st. Stay tuned!

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