Video Integration at Manhattan Academy of Arts & Language

At Manhattan Acadmy of Arts & Language (MAAL), teaching artist Vee Bravo has been collaborating with science teacher Mr. Gallanero since the beginning of the year to integrate digital media/ video into the curriculum for The Living Environment class.  Over the course of the year, MAAL students will be creating a “digital handbook” for the class consisting of original media to complement the class.

Students have begun working on original educational media- short videos that illustrate specific concepts from the Living Environment curriculum.  The current batch of videos focus on students demonstrating how to properly casino online use various science tools and instruments, with students handling all the production, shooting and editing.  The videos will be in both Spanish and English, and we are also exploring possibilities for distributing and sharing the videos so that other students can access and benefit from the videos.

“We were working on balance scales and how to use them to measure stuff.  We”re making videos, so we learned about shooting different kinds of angles.  The videos show people how to use science equipment like balances and other things.” – Sashaly, 10th grade

“I worked on shooting using two video cameras for different angles.  More angles will show how to use the equipment better.  I want the videos to help next year”s students.  it”s fun because I like having a camera in my hands.” – Carolinie, 10th grade

“We are editing today using the computer.  We”re making a video about using the balance scale to measure an object.  This video will help us learn more about science.” – Edwin, 10th grade