We’re in! 2 official Selections in the IHTD Festival this April.

We are very happy to announce that TWO Music Videos from our Academy Youth have been selected to be part of the “If I had a Trillion Dollars” Festival in Washington D.C. this April.

WATCH: A Trillion

WATCH: Dreams of Trillions

Every year, Congress decides how to spend $1 trillion of our tax dollars. Every year, students across the country are asked how they would choose to spend the money as part of IHTD’s Film Competition. The options vary. From ending homelessness to supporting migrant justice to building new schools, these students think deeply on social issues and community reformations.

For six Academy students, it’s about allocating the tax dollars to the people that need it most. The question is answered in the form of a song accompanied by a music video. Each verse tackles a different solution. The first verse, performed by Jaquan Harris AKA Charlie Luck, proposes spending the money on the people from our local communities – “if I had a trillion dollars, dollars/give a hundred grand to the single mommas”. Harris also proposes funding youth that yearn to get their foot in the door, creating new opportunities. Sophomore Denzell Huggins seconds Harris with his second verse, expanding the idea to support third world countries as well. The song is wrapped up by a verse by Academy alumni and one of last year’s winners, AJ Suleiman AKA Black Astonish. Overall, each verse is about spending the money on ending poverty, creating career opportunities and promoting world peace.

The song is composed by Senior Jamie Collado. The beat features an old school drum loop with mesmerizing synths, simple yet captivating. Adding even more to the composition is a chorus sung by Junior Angela Rowe and Senior Shaquille Matthew. The two crooners harmonize beautifully on the track!

These six students are all a part of The Academy’s Music Production class. They teamed up with students from the filmmaking class to shoot the music video. The entire music video was shot at the Urban Arts Office in SoHo.

What would you do if you had a trillion dollars?